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Death Archives Revision 2
This is the sum-total of independant Death art that's been publicized so far. It doesn't include art used on the website (like the picture of death reading his fan mail on the "contact" page) or cartoons that were deprecated (like earlier versions of some cartoons, and such apocrypha as "Death plays Shuffleboard"). There are seperate sections for those (the website and the apocrypha section, respectively).
Cartoons on the Poster:
Death takes a Shower
Death get Brain-freeze
Death burns the Meatloaf
Death gets a call from his Mother
Death uninstalls Windows
Death works on his Back 9
Death sees a Therapist
Death does his Laundry
Death paints a Self-Portrait
Death flosses Regularly
Death goes to Paris
Death plays Tetris
Death battles Rubic's Cube
Death asks for Train Set
Death goes to a Football Game
Death gets Stood Up
Death switches Long Distance Carriers
Death feeds the Ducks
Death picks a Puppy
Death studies for Midterms
Death takes a Vacation
Death loses his luggage
Death hosts a Tea Party
Death Recurs
Death sets his Balloon free
Death cheats at Poker
Death contemplates Death
Death goes Camping
Death wins a Beauty Contest
Death may already be a Winner

Cartoons after the Poster:
Death looks for Love in all the Wrong Places
Death gets Censored
Death Frolics
Death Stargazes
Death Sells Out
Death's a Paper Doll
Death Graduates
Death Gets Lost
Death does his Taxes

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