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Sluggy Freelance is about as classic as web-based comic can possibly get. While it has accrued a great many plot points and characters over the years it is possible (though perhaps unwise) to jump right in. Incidentally, it is considered to be in the top 100 most influential comics of all time (according to the list of the hundred most influential comics of all time that I read). It is updated daily at around midnight, EST.

Zebra Girl is hard to describe. Worth reading if only for the commentary the author puts between his panels (and, additionally, worth reading for a superfluity of other reasons). Zebra Girl also has some of the best comic transitions I have ever seen (go Insomniax!). Furthermore, it's ridiculously hilarious very much often. It tends to be updated weekly around Friday, or thereabouts. Incidentally, the artist also draws for a comic called The Shadows, which has a pretty neat start so far, but I do not know for sure when it updates.

Return To Sender is an (unfortunately) relatively obscure web comic, which is a shame, because the art is great (perhaps even greater) and the story is great and the main character is named Often. The comic has lovely blue shading and almond joy. It is updated weekly, usually around Sunday.

8-Bit Theater is a very well done comic primarily composed of sprites taken from such classic games as Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 1. Follow the adventures of the would-be Light Warriors as they battle Chaos and their own indiosyncracies and make fun of early console RPG's. 8-Bit Theater is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

RPG World is another gaming comic (I am a nerd), but it is not sprite based, and is concerned primarily with making fun of the more recent games to hit the market. If you're a RPG gaming nerd, you should check this out. RPG World is updated on Sundays (color strip), and also on Wednesday and Friday (black and white strips).

Something Positive Something Positive (pardon the huge banner, I could not find a link image) is one of those strips I kept meaning to get into and everyone said I should read but never had the time. I finally caved in to peer pressure and so should you (you know who you are, you three people who will look at this page throughout history). It is the funny.

The Onion isn't a webcomic, but it is the single greatest news source this side of CNN (and arguably beyond). I think it is updated weekly and I have spent many an afternoon wading through their archives until my sides hurt from laughing.

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