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Win a Poster! Win other stuff!

To celebrate Death's new site, I am instituting the Perpetual Contest.
If you submit a suggestion for a Death cartoon (that no one has thought of before; creativity counts), like, "Death Picks the Lesser of Two Evils" or "Death Checks Here if He Wants to Recieve News of Promotions and Special Offers" and it gets made into a cartoon on the site, you win a free signed Death Poster (there are restrictions for logistics purposes- see rule 6). Furthermore, if your idea ever gets put on anything else (mousepads, coffee mugs, scimitars, giant anthropomorphic fighting robots, ferrets, etc) you get one of those free, too. Plus, no shipping (see rule 4)
Here are the rules! Yay!

1) The idea must be original (as far as you know). Furthermore, it must be original (as far as I know).
2) When you submit an idea for a cartoon, you are waiving your rights to the idea (this is so I can make it into things like posters and wall calendars and such without contacting everyone who helped). In return, you get the stuff that the idea's rights made.
3) If you win more than once, you are allowed to win more than one poster. So knock yourself out.
4) If you live outside of the continental United States, you have to pay for shipping.
5) In the case that your idea gets turned into a cartoon long after you submitted it, please, please, please try and have access to the same email account, because that is who I will be notifying.
6) You have to have purchased a Death Poster already to be eligible to win. Yeah, it's kind of lame, but otherwise no one will buy a poster- they will just wait to win a poster. What can you do with an extra poster, you ask? Well, in addition to using it or giving it to someone as a present, if you'd like I can reimburse you for the poster you paid for instead of giving you a new one.
7) Ferrets aren't allowed as pets in California (and probably some other states, too). If you live in a state that doesn't allow ferrets as pets, you won't be eligible to recieve a Death Ferret if and when they become available. Instead you will recieve a Death Gerbil, Vole, Hamster, Mouse, Rat, or Ring Tailed Lemur (while supplies last) of your choosing instead.

To enter the Perpetual Contest, send an email to here.

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