Death Gets a Website © Samuel Marcus, 2001

What we have here are two stages in the creation of a death cartoon. First we have the rough sketch, which looks a little like something one might find in the New Yorker with another character sipping a martini and saying "...But if you amortize your children over 60 years the price per earnings starts to look pretty reasonable."

Here we see the first outlining that forms the basis for the final cartoon. It's very exciting. You can check out the finished cartoon here. You'll notice that a lot of the posturing changed between revisions... and we lost the visor and what remnants of the half-moon accountant glasses were in the original idea. Cute, but hard to convey without color. Another cute idea that didn't make the black and white version: a lot of red.

Also, not pictured in any of these shots are some items that didn't make the cut for fear of cluttering the scene even further: a hand crank on the calculator, an abacus, several coffee cups, a desk or wall calendar featuring a 14 or the month April prominently, more rolls of calculator tape, one of those executive row-of-balls clacky toys, about a zillion more stacks of paper. I really like the stacks of paper.

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